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Hanwei Security Ltd is a leading provider of security services throughout China


Hanwei International Security Services Co. Ltd. was registered in SAIC China in 2014, and specialized in providing professional international security services for national interests of economic and people’s property, our company provides security services for cruise yachts, ocean-going vessels, institutions abroad, and people or group invested overseas when the military protection is not provided.

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Complaint/Service Hotline(24/7) : 400-0722-678

The objectives of security company Hanwei Security Ltd are to ensure the needs of our clients are fulfilled whilst guarding person and property from those who attempt to harm through deploying committed security personnel equipped with the knowledge and the most advanced tools available.To acknowledge our clients and their requirements and to ensure the client’s needs are being satisfied by every action, procedure and determination.
All employees, regardless their position, has the additional obligation of client relationship and to make every endeavor attainable to guarantee client satisfaction.To have a proactive rather than reactive attitude and to resolve problems before they develop. To always be proactive in utilising new methods and to integrate new technology into our everyday security operations. Always be open to suggestions of how to amend and improve security company practices and operations.


patrol guard

Provide security guard patrols for Chinese government overseas agencies, enterprises and institutions, providing security guard for overseas terminals, ports, mining, oil, water and electricity facilities , railways and construction sites, camps etc.
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Overseas guard

Overseas guard

Provide the private armed escort services for ships that through the piracy area and provide armed escort for overseas personnel and other valuables.
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Portable guard

Portable guard

provide portable guard services for participate in a variety of large-scale activities of stars, celebrities, entrepreneurs and so on. And provide professional activities site selection, design and plan guidelines, provide 24 hours security services to our customers.
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Security Check

Security check

Provide professional double security services of person defense and security technology precaution for domestic customers, Chinese overseas enterprises.
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Technology Precaution

technology precaution

Provide professional double security services of person defense and security technology precaution for domestic customers, Chinese overseas enterprises.
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Risk Assessment and Training

risk assessment and training

Provide security consulting and eva luation, staff counter-terrorism training for the Chinese overseas enterprises, groups, individuals and ships passing the pirate area.
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Our Cooperation
Associating with multinational enterprises and departments, signing the anti-piracy intelligence sharing mechanisms, our company could receive and react to the real-time situation while we provide our oversea armed escort. Once the pirate attack happens, our company would be able to get support from Chinese naval escort vessels and vessels from some other countries; the safety of ships in piracy area is guaranteed in this way.
Why Choose HANWEI ?
  • International wide security services
  • Top 5% of China's approved contractors
  • Can handle emergencies effectively
  • Investors in people
  • First class customer service

We hold the enterprise spirit of wisdom,bravery and dignity, serving the clients with perseverance. Your need and security are our task and duty respectively.– Chairman’s Oration – LupingMa –